Saturday, December 1, 2012

Meet the December Cats!

 Sadie and Devo
Age:  Just turned 9 on November 13th!

Weight:  Average sized kitties I would say we are.  Both of us are about 13 pounds.
Demeanor at vet:  Going to the vet is no treat for us.  I (Sadie) really dislike it and cry the whole way there.  My brother Devo does too.  Once there, Devo doesn't mind wandering about and typically hiding in the corner under the chair or curling up on mama's lap.  Instead, I prefer to just hide in the cat carrier and hope no one sees me.

How we found our home: Mom found us as wee kittens in a local pet store.  We had another sibling there too, but unfortunately mom knew she could only take two of us.  Our other sister was NOT interested in mom at all anyways.  Devo knew right away he wanted to go home with her.  I was a bit apprehensive at first but eventually curled up on her comfy lap and felt right at home.  We moved around a lot and met a lot of people, but have been comfy and cozy in our home now with mom & dad for about 5 years!

Favorite Toys: We are simple cats and prefer just a string and a bell or a little ball of fur to play with.  My brother Devo loves paper bags to curl up into and play around with.  Mostly our days are spent hiding out from the beast that mom & dad brought home one day.  I think her name is Emily.  There's another one too, but he doesn't seem so bad.....yet.  They call him David.  Only time will tell.  My favorite places to hide are under the dining room table.  Emily seems to leave me alone when I'm under there.  My brother usually fancies the bathroom sink upstairs.  

Food and Treats: I'm pretty okay with anything food-related!  I wish I got more of what mom and dad ate.  My brother is a bit more picky and I think mom is still trying to figure out what he likes best.

How we got our names:  Mom loves her music, so of course she had to come up with names that were music-related.  I am named after a song by The Beatles - Sexy Sadie.  My brother is named after a band - Devo.

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