Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Meet Princess January!

Beautiful Siamese cat, Sabrina

Princess Sabrina
My Fairy Tale:  My fairy tale began the moment I first graced my royal family with my presence.   My mom (the Queen) was in her palace and spotted me as a tiny wild kitten playing outside in the garden.  She ran out to the gate house and told my dad (the King) “there’s a Siamese kitten in the garden!!”.  Well, they both ran outside just in time to see me dashing away.  Mom had always wanted a Siamese kitty so she set out a live-trap every day hoping I would be lured back into their lair.  Well I surprised her…I didn’t come back…for a MONTH!  By this time she had given up hope of ever seeing me again, but one day she looked out the window and there I was sitting ON TOP of the trap.  She thought I was quite the little jester!  So she set the trap with some delightful tuna and went back in the palace.  Three minutes later I was captured and transported in some type of carriage to my new palace.  From that day on I have been the Princess of our palace…and I must say, I was BORN to be a Princess!

My Palace:   My palace is of course quite elaborate….we have 8 cat trees, two kitty pods, two kitty hammocks, one kitty cottage, one bamboo kitty ball bed, and the list goes on.  For dining we eat on Wetnoz Fat Cat dishes and drink from beautiful fountains.  Did I mention the Litter Robot?!  There is also a secret passageway from the hall to the royal kitty room that keeps the guard dogs out.

My Favorite Throne:  Since I pretty much rule the house I like to change my preferred sleeping location depending on my mood.  This week it is in the pink kitty bed, but my usual night time spot is wrapped around the top of my mom’s (the “Queen’s”) head.  I also like any look-out point where I can have full view of my kingdom.

Beautiful Siamese cat wearing jeweled silver crown
My Loyal Subjects:  As Princess I have many loyal subjects.  There are my four guard dogs who’s sole purpose in life is to project me (though one of the Pomeranians chases me at times), my Ladies-in-waiting which consist of several female kitties who make sure I am clean and comfortable, my suitors which consist of several male kitties all who completely adore me and then there is my Queen and King who confirm for me every day that the world revolves around me.

My Favorite Amusements:  I am a bit of a mouser so I love to play with toy mice.  One time we had real baby mice in the Palace and I got to lick them…yum!  I also like “Da Bird”, my FroliCat laser toy and my Fling-Ama-String.

My Royal Duties:  A Princess needs her beauty rest so sleeping is important to me.  But I also like to chatter at birds outside and chatter for treats and chatter when I don’t like something.  So I suppose you could say I like to “talk” a lot.  I am also tasked with making sure the guard dogs stay in line which often requires me to implement my papping punishment….and I have at times been heard meowing “off with their heads!”  MOL!

My Favorite Fare:  Fancy Feast of course!  I also enjoy tuna, soft cat treats, cheese and any type of meat the royal family may be dining on.

My Titles:  Chewbacca, Chewy, ChewChew, Cheweenie, Weenie, Sasquatch, Sassy Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Sa-Brina-A, Sabrina the Witch, oh and don’t forget my formal title PRINCESS Sabrina!!  Ok, so I must explain the Chewbaka & Sasquach titles…my family says that when I chatter and talk I make sounds like Wookie.  I don’t really know what they are talking about because all I hear when I am talking is sweet music!

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