Friday, November 1, 2013

Meet the November Calendar Cats: Rocky and Patches!

 Rocky and Patches
Age: 9/1/1993 - 1/28/2013
Gender: Neutered Male
Demeanor at the vet's office: A little grumbly, but he never really meant it.
Age: 17 years
Weight: 10.0 pounds.
Gender: Spayed Female
Demeanor at the vet's office: Nice, but vocal
Feline Friends:   Milo (3y) and Kay (8m)

Rocky had a "rocky" start.  He was found on the curb of the street, appeared to be less than 2 months old, and had been mistreated.  He fit in the palm of one hand.  But he was a fighter and survivor.  He was also one of the most graceful cats we have ever seen.  He could go from the floor to the top of a highboy dresser in one graceful leap - and he loved be up high, looking down at the world.  I have attached one of my favorite photos of Rocky.  He loved Christmas trees - especially when he could reach the ornaments from a convenient perch.  As you can see here, I caught him in the act of taking a swing at one of them when he was young.  But he never destroyed anything on our holiday trees; it was almost as though he knew not to touch the glass ornaments.

Patches joined us when Rocky was about three years old.  They were very different cats.  He was adventurous and curious; she was gentle and content to play solo.  We always had more cats around, but Rocky never bonded with the others in the same way he did with Patches.  We often found them cuddled together.  They were wonderful friends, and while Patches has been "courteous" to others, she has never bonded with any other cat in the household like she did with Rocky.  

We are so glad this photo was selected last year, especially when we lost Rocky in January, 2013.  We miss him very much, and are grateful to have this wonderful calendar as part of his legacy.

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