Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meet Mr. June!

Calendar Cat of the Month


One of Mom’s co-workers took in a pregnant cat who soon had a sizable litter.  I was one of those kittens. My human-mommy waited to receive me at work with a large dog crate under her desk complete with climb-toy, litter pan, food and water.  She played AC/DC songs for me because of my namesake, Angus (Young).  Lunchtime was filled with laughter and cuteness while I cautiously explored a conference room with Mom and her friends.  Feeling bonded, I made sure Mom could hear me calling out for her when she ran an errand down the hallway.  

Mom had an older, female cat when I entered my new home.  I loved this cat, Harrison, on the spot; she did not like me – at all. Mom took me on a previously arranged camping trip the next day.  It rained.  I batted at the raindrops as they ran down the outside of the tent.  During dry times, I sat in my large crate on the picnic table while Mom did her homework.  At night, I slept next to mom’s head to keep warm.  Although my new sister was not pleased to see me when we returned home, she warmed to me after six months.  

I have lived life! I enjoyed speeding fearlessly through the house and exploring every crevice.  I’ve been caught in mid air trying to fly over the balcony; I pulled a large tray of stones and seashells off of Mom’s dresser during the night; and I knocked a mantle clock off of a shelf - among many other misdemeanors.  

A year and some later, Harrison passed on.  I yowled around the condo a lot. 
Thinking that I missed my sister, Mom got me a baby brother.  Before we were introduced, I silently crept into the room where my mom was playing with Mozie … and watched.  Within four days, we were best friends.  He needed me, having been removed from his litter too soon.  I showed him how to be a kitty-cat and life went on peacefully for the three of us.
I still yowled a lot around the condo, though!

Several years later, I accepted a dad (after a time) and his elderly cat.  That cat passed and we got another brother, Ru.  I loved Ru!  Sometimes even young cats pass and I lost my Ru.  Soon after, Dr. Palen was my champion in helping me, who had never been sick, survive a serious URI. I was hospitalized for days.

Much has happened between then and now.  I am finally feeling well again after bouts of ailments these past few years. Mozie and I gained two more fur-brothers and two years after that, a sister joined the fold.  Mom and Dad have two employees in the house now, as well. I permit them to pet me. Mom commends me on my graciousness.  

It isn’t easy maintaining Alpha-cat status with so many changes, but I have.  I love my catio and sometimes play with the younger cats.  Somewhere along the way, Mozie and I have fallen out of friendship.  

I am now eleven years old. I maintain a special relationship with Mom where she understands my quiet nature and I trust her completely.  I am the one cat who eats whatever Mom or Dad serve.  My favorite toy was a tattered ball that has been handed down to all the kittens (and has seen many washings).  We time-share the beds, furniture, and carpet-trees around the house. Most nights I sit on Mom in her chair and sleep by her legs. As I instruct Mom on what to write for my story, I am dozing near old Mozie. Life is strange. Strong, gentle silent type that I’ve become, no one would ever recognize me as the reckless kitten that I once was.

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