Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet Mr. August!

Orange and black tabby toyger | | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MI


Age: 3 years
Sammy the toyger at meal time with his toy | | Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MIGender: Neutered Male
Weight: 10.7 pounds - Great body condition!
Demeanor at the vet: Very sweet boy!

Here are some fun facts about Mr August:  
--Sammy is our 1st purebred cat and he is a Toyger. 
--He LOVES to play, play, play. His favorite toy is “Da Bird”. He likes to catch his “prey” and puts the feather toy or mouse in his food dish before he starts eating.
Sammy the toyger playing || Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MI--The picture in the calendar is one of the few times he accepted having the harness and leash on him. The 1st time we put it on him he fell over like it weighed 500 lbs - He is so dramatic!  I thought it was safe to go in the house for a few seconds and I came back outside and he was in the tree!  
Sammy the toyger and his best buddy Roo || Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital, Waterford, MI 
--He also loves to supervise when we are taking a shower…he talks and talks and paws and paws on the door. As soon as the door is opened he prances in and continues to chat away - he is quite vocal.
--He HATES the car! He cried the entire 6 hours it took for us to drive him home from the breeder when he was only 3 lbs and 12 weeks old. He still cries loudly when he has to go to the vet. 
--He absolutely loves his brother Roo and wants to sleep with him wherever that might be; if Roo moves, Sammy moves. He is a great addition to our home and we love him to pieces.

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