Monday, April 6, 2015

Meet Mr. April!

Ernest is a 4 year old Devon Rex. For those unfamiliar with his breed, they are characterized by their oversized ears and wavy hair coat. The Cat Fanciers' Association  describes their personality as a "cross.. between a cat, a dog, a monkey, and Dennis the Menace." Ernest pretty much fits that description to a T. He was found by animal control about 2 years and rescued by Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue. He came to our home because of my love of all things Rex. It was love at first sight. He fits in great with his 2 feline housemates. He quickly became the favorite cat for my son because he tolerates a lot and loves to be carried around.  Although, He is half the size of our largest cat, I don't think he knows it. He frequently provokes WWE style wrestling matches.  He spends his days following us around demanding attention. His favorite thing to do is be carried on your shoulder like a baby.  He's also quite sure that rules such as , stay off the table do not apply to him.

His favorite food is Temptation treats. He has been known to eat an entire bag when no one is looking. We now have to keep the treats in a kitchen cabinet, which he regularly tries to open! Ernest is not a finicky cat, he will eat pretty much anything. From Coffee, taco sauce, bananas and cookies, if he sees us eating, then he must try it. He will steal the food right off your plate, if you turn your head, like the entire steak!

Ernest is the second Rex cat that has come my way. I never thought he would be able to live up to his predecessor, but he has!

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