Monday, December 7, 2015

Cat of the Month Contest!

In the past, we have had an annual photo contest for cats to be included in the Exclusively Cats Calendar Contest. We sold the calendars to help raise money for cats in crisis, or charitable cases that we take on, such as everyone's favorite cat with a congenital esophageal stricture, Foxy!

Unfortunately, the cost of the calendar production has continued to rise, and the number of calendars sold has dwindled, and this does not seem to be a good way for us to raise money for these charitable cases anymore. Instead, we have now partnered with the Veterinary Care Foundation to establish an official 501(c)(3) fund for our patients in need. One hundred percent of any donation to this organization in the name of our hospital goes directly into a fund from which we can then request:
  • To provide charitable funding for emergency medical care for sick and injured animals brought in by “Good Samaritans”
  • To provide support to qualified clients in need of financial assistance by providing emergency grants to help supplement the cost of care
  • To provide support to pets of families in crisis
  • To provide care for pets harmed or displaced due to local disaster (such as weather, fire, etc).
We love how excited people get about the photo contest, so while the calendar is currently not in publication, we would like to continue the photo contest on a monthly basis with the same submission guidelines we previously had for the calendar. We now request that each submission be accompanied by a short (or long) biography of the cat (or cats) in the photos. Instead of a calendar, each cat will become the Facebook header on our Facebook page for the month and will be honored with a post on our blog, so that everyone can continue to meet and appreciate all of the amazing cats that we see as patients! We hope to honor our first Cat of the Month on January 1st,  so send your photos and bios in ASAP so we can start the voting!

If you enjoy the Cat of the Month and are making a photo submission, please consider donating to the Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital Fund (affectionately and unofficially referred to as "Foxy's Fund" by some of our staff) at the Veterinary Care Foundation. It is not required, but humbly appreciated if you choose to make a contribution towards the care of our less fortunate patients.

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