Saturday, November 3, 2012

Meet Mr. November!


Age: 11 years
Weight: 19.8 pounds, overweight
Birthday: May 27, 2001
Gender: Neutered Male
Breed: Pixie Bob
Demeanor at the veterinary office: Mostly a very nice boy, sometimes a bit cranky

Wily is a very special cat that is exceeding all our expectations! He had chronic diarrhea and soft stools all his life As a young cat, he had a parasite called Tritrichomonas which contributed to his diarrhea, but even after being treated for the parasite, he continued to have soft stools. Over time, Wily developed a mass in his colon. Dr. Bailey surgically removed the mass in November 2010. The mass was extensive, and so much of the colon was removed that Dr. Bailey was concerned that Wily would have even worse diarrhea after surgery. The colon is the part of the body that extracts water from our waste and returns it to the body. Without much room to extract water, it is expected that the waste will be a liquid consistency, or diarrhea. In order to counteract this problem, Wily started eating a high-fiber prescription diet called Science Diet R/D, and by March of 2011 was having solid stools for the first time in his life! 

The mass that was removed from Wily's colon was sent in to a pathologist to determine what it was. The pathologist reported that it was cancer - a high-grade lymphoma. The outlook for Wily was pretty grim. Strangely, however, Wily is thriving! He has gained weight, and continues to eat like there's no tomorrow.  We contacted the pathologist and had the sample re-examined, both by the same pathologist and others. They confirmed that the mass removed was definitely a high grade lymphoma.  

Wily is just one more example that while we have all kinds of statistics about medical conditions and know how the body should respond, sometimes a special patient will beat all odds! We love you Wily! You continue to amaze us!

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