Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet Mr. September!


Age: 3 years
Breed: Devon Rex
Gender: Male
Weight: 9.6 pounds - excellent body condition!
Feline friends: Spaz (12 year old DLH)

Smeagol is a white, male devonshire rex of about 10 lbs.

He enjoys Whiskas temptations treats, cardboard boxes, playing fetch, stalking, and snuggles.

Sometimes he is where he is not supposed to be such as: the top of ladders, up on shelves, or on the kitchen counters. He refers to these places as “the land of above.”

He is a snuggle cat and he will make multiple attempts and whines until he gets a lap or can burrow under a blanket.

He likes to help whenever work is being done. As condo repairs happen here and there, Smeagol will always be near. He inspects everything, and anything new must meet his high standards.

Boxes are his favorite thing to play with, when a new package arrives he is there waiting for it to be opened. Sometimes he cannot wait and will assist in the opening of the package.
 When you meet Smeagol, he will take a while to warm up to you but once he is happy with you he will climb to the top of your shoulder and sit there. This is now his spot and he is your friend.

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  1. That white cat is so interesting to me. I used to not like them until I saw one in real life. They are really sweet cats. I think they look distinguishably beautiful now.