Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meet Mr. May!


Tabbie is the largest cat in the house and the biggest baby.  His best friend his his little brother Peetie and he also has taken a shine to our mini doxie Oliver.  He almost always sleeps with his tongue hanging out and at the highest point in the house (AKA top of the kitty condo).  He is afraid of loud noises and the recently acquired chickens we have. He stuck his nose in their cage and got pecked!  His favorite toy is a red feathered puff ball that he chases around the house crashing into things around 1am every night.  He also has a stuffed wolf that he carries around and meows.   He talks and people often think he says "mama" I of course believe he is saying it.  All in all he is a big softie and a true joy to have in our lives.