Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Meet Mr. September!


Crash was an unexpected blessing to our home.

A meeting scheduled with Ellen from Elizabeth Lake Animal Rescue to adopt an adorable kitten named Sushi who had been brought into Exclusively Cats for a wellness exam. The plan was to adopt one little kitten. The meeting went well and Sushi was coming home.

Before leaving, Ellen said "I thought you might want a friend for Sushi." She stepped aside so Crash was visible in his cat carrier. He looked scared and Ellen said he had been overlooked for several months by others seeking a pet. He was not a kitten and he had lost his tail in an accident. It looked like a very strange, mangled stump. It was love at first sight and the deal was sealed. Crash and Sushi were instant friends and inseparable.

Crash is a dog in a cat's body. He comes running when he is called (his run resembles a deer prancing), he greets people at that door, he is always friendly and eager to please. He is the favorite of many family members and friends, as he is very generous with his love. 

Our cat family has grown since that meeting and Crash Nubbins is always the first to welcome a new member. We are so happy that we took him home, that day. Love this cat!!!!