Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet Miss March!

Age: 10yr
Weight: good body condition. 10.70#
Gender: spayed female
Demeanor at the vet’s office: Nice girl, I mind my manners!
Feline friends: I prefer humans, and I am an only cat

How she found her home:  I found my home by being the smallest, loudest, most pathetic little kitty at the Oakland County Animal Care Center when my adopted Dad went to find a kitty to live with him.  I was in a cage all by myself because I was sick with an upper respiratory infection, thus the pathetic part.  But that infection didn't compromise my meowing and I let it be known, "Look at me!" thus the loudest part.  That was what convinced Dad to adopt me.  After adoption, I walked around the house for a week, making the loudest meows out of any kitty they have ever had.
How she got her name: I was part of the family for a little while before I got my name.  Dad had recently retired from a local Fire Department, and they liked the name as it related to something from that job.
Her greatest adventure: When I was first adopted, I had two older brother kitties who mentored me and I stayed indoors.  After my first year at home, I became an inside/outside kitty.  Now whatever I want to do, I get to do it.  My first adventure outdoors was on the Fourth of July, when Mom and Dad both thought the other one had put me back inside the house before they went to a beach party.  When they realized I was still outside, Mom came back to the house to walk down the street looking for me and calling for me.  This was interesting for Mom, as she got to meet and talk to some neighbors she had not met before; each one had a comment about hearing and seeing an adorable little kitty (me!) in their yard and describing where they thought I went.  Mom found me a half a block away.  There was one more adventure where I went exploring for about three weeks before Mom & Dad found me and brought be back home.  That adventure was a little scary.  After that, I've liked to stay in my yard and the yards of my next door neighbors.  I do enjoy visiting my next door neighbors, I especially like to go into one's garage with him when he is working and visiting the other ones when they are in their hot tub.
Favorite sleeping spots: Dad built me an outside "kitty perch" which is a little open platform with carpet on the floor and a roof overhead and has a carpeted ramp up to the platform.  It is at about their eye level and at a point in my back yard where I have a perfect view of all the important areas of the back yard and driveway.  I use it all the time.
I do like to be near Mom and Dad when they are settled in watching TV.  I'll either sit on the back of the lazy boy and be a 'headrest' for Dad, or sit on Mom's lap when she's on the couch.  Mom is allergic to me, so she always makes me wait until she puts a towel on her lap before I jump up and settle in.  If Mom's sitting on the couch without her towel on, I sit on the floor and stare at her until she gets up and puts the towel on so I can get on her lap.  Sometimes, I take a nap in the living room with Dad.  I know this is going to happen when he starts closing the blinds and putting a pillow on the couch.  I wait until he's fluffed a blanket over him and jump up to lay on his side; I face his feet and know I'm in the right spot when the tip of my tail just reaches his chin or nose; then I just try to purr hard.  Dad says I'm like a little vibrating heating pad, and he calls this an "Ember Nap."
Otherwise, I like to sit in the bay window at the front of the house and look outside (I do not like the big garbage trucks when they thunder down the street outside) or lay in my kitty bed which is on the floor over a heat vent.  I also like to play with a little green catnip mouse I got from Exclusively Cats when they took care of me while Mom and Dad went to Iceland.

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