Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meet Mr. April!

Age:14 months
Weight: 6.8# in August 2001, so the little man is not quite so little anymore!
Gender: Neutered male
Demeanor at the vet's office: Very active and sweet!
My Name is Hogan, but you may call me Ho-ho.  At about 5 months of age, I came into a bereaved family of mom, dad, and two fur-brothers, aged 6-Mozie and 8-Angus.  They had just lost their beloved one-year old cat, Ru.  I was harboring a serious URI that turned into pneumonia, but it presented itself after my older brothers were exposed.  They were seriously ill in turn and in different ways, and Angus still has lingering effects.  Because of that, we haven’t completely bonded, but Angus does lick my head on occasion when I’m not trying to test my mettle against him.  As everyone recovered from the initial URI, mom and dad brought younger brother, Cooper – aged 4 months, into the fold.  Cooper was quarantined until we all were given a clean bill of health, but I would catch glimpses of him at the door when mom or dad spent time with him.  I lay outside his door … waiting.

When the door was opened, Cooper and I looked at each other, ran toward each other, and darted down the stairs together.  No adjustment time was needed. We were instant friends.  Cooper is my favorite “toy” and as he grows bigger, he certainly tests my playing skills.  I’m quite nimble and have very quick reflexes.
Mom appreciates my inquisitiveness, my “help/supervision,” and they way I make a high-pitched cry as I look in the mirror when I think I’m alone.

Dad uses a feather/stick toy to train me.  I’m a good jumper and I love the many cat trees throughout the house.  Dad makes films and takes pictures of us all while doing cute things.

Mom feeds me canned food (and I’m not picky).  I finish first and have to be watched or removed while my brothers finish their portions.  I seek Dad out for comfort.  I make my high-pitched cry and go “Jonesing” for Dad who holds me in his arms (even if he’s working) and lets me nap there.

With the colder weather, all six of us cram onto the bed – fur children above the covers.  The other boys have their preferences, but I lay anywhere against anyone.

During the day you will find me with Cooper – sleeping in the bed atop the armoire, in one of the cat trees, in the bay window, on a chair – or alone in Angus’s bed!  We sleep hard and play hard so you will also find us zipping through the house together as we love to attack our toys or chase each other and jump around.  Cooper’s head smells like my breath because we groom each other, too.

April will find me at 14 months of age and Cooper at 11 months.Mom and dad enjoy watching me grow. I’ve come a long way from the scrappy kitten whose paws reached out of the cage at my mom when she first saw me at the Humane Society.

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