Monday, July 8, 2013

Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital Welcomes a new doctor to our Feline Residency Program!

Lauren E. Demos BVMS, HonsBSc

In July 2013, Dr. Demos will be joining our practice!

Dr. Demos grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Demos graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University with an undergraduate focus in acoustical physics, jazz performance, and computer music, and was a four-year recipient of the prestigious Northern Illinois University Scholar Award.  She subsequently attended Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, performing post-graduate research on feline papillomaviruses and earning her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

As a student Dr. Demos sought out a number of internationally respected feline clinics in the U.S and Australia for externship experience (including Exclusively Cats).  In her final year of vet school, she elected to pursue advanced studies in feline medicine at our practice. After graduating from Murdoch University Dr. Demos practiced as an associate veterinarian at a feline clinic in Wisconsin prior to her return to Michigan.

Dr. Demos has always had a strong attraction to feline medicine.  Her particular interests in feline medicine include cardiology, infectious diseases and dentistry.  In January 2014, Dr. Demos will officially start her residency in Feline Practice.  Our feline residency program is one of only five available in the world! 

She is passionate about promoting feline health and medicine through education and has lectured at local and international conferences. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, and during vet school, she assisted in teaching various courses to veterinary students. Most recently, she was selected to represent the American Association of Feline Practitioners as their Future Leader at the 2013 American Veterinary Medical Association Leadership Conference, and has continued on their Board of Directors in an inaugural executive board internship.

In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with her clowder of five cats (Dragon, Mia, Haku, Mayday and Nomad). Alternately she enjoys running marathons, mountain biking, surfing, and kayaking.

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