Monday, July 29, 2013

Feline Veterinary Clinical Trial Announcement: Help cats and earn free veterinary care!

Any patient over the age of 7 is currently eligible for a free exam and blood pressure screening.

A cat having retinal photos taken

If your cat has high blood pressure, he can progress to the next phase of the study and receive free study-related bloodwork, urinalysis and retinal photographs evaluation by a board-certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

If your cat's exam results qualify him for the next part of the study, ALL visits, medications, and additional diagnostics associated with the study will be covered. Additionally, you can earn up to $400 towards future veterinary care, if your cat completes various stages of the study.

This study is "double-blinded", which means that your cat may receive a placebo (inactive medication), however, he is twice as likely to receive the study medication as the placebo. The first part of the study lasts 28 days and, if your cat is being treated with the study medication, you may choose to continue to the second part of the study which lasts for up to 5 additional months.

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