Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Mr. March!


Age: 6 years
Weight: 15.05 pounds
Demeanor at the Vet: Great cat!
Feline friends: Roger and Delilah

3 cats in the window, a black cat, gray and white cat and a black and white cat
Joey, Roger and Delilah
Six and a half years ago, as a wee kitten, I was found wandering the halls of a Catholic school in Plano, Texas. From there, after a short stay with a family where I may have intimidated two schnauzers, I went to a shelter where my mommy picked me up. She had first heard about me from work and knew she had to have me.

After a big move from Texas and two smaller moves in Michigan, I arrived at my new house in Waterford in April. This house is a lot of fun, with squirrels, chipmunks, and birds outside the window. When it's warm out, I get lots of smell-o-vision, but, lately, it's been very cold, so there's no smell, but still some vision.

This past July, my furry sister since I was a kitten, Nina, died.  Though she didn't have a maternal bone in her body, we tolerated each other well (well, almost) and though I never quite understood the circumstances, I became lonely and, if possible, even lazier than usual. 

In October, Mommy and Daddy brought home Roger and Delilah, two of Trisha's rescues. I met them on my stay-cation in the Exclusively Cats boarding condos, and they seemed pretty OK. They're still very shy around Mommy and Daddy, but we have great fun after the bipeds go to sleep. We chase each other, play with our toys, and have great fun.   Mommy and Daddy generally find remnants of our after-hours playtime the next morning - Delilah is quite skilled at vivisection. The three of us also like to have cuddle fests in front of the kitchen sink, right where the hot air comes out of the floor.  I tend to bogart the hot air with my butt, but the newbies don't seem to mind.

 window, a black cat, gray and white cat and a black and white cat
Beautiful, sleepy family

When I'm not grooming Delilah, prowling around the house with Roger or snuggling with the bipeds, I'm quite good at the art of favorite past time.
Black and white cat on a cat tree
Joey, King of the Cat Tower!

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