Saturday, February 1, 2014

Meet Fabulous Mr. February!

Winter the Warlock

Age: 4 years
Weight: 10.05 pounds.
Gender: Neutered Male
Demeanor at the vet's office: Sweet and wiggly!

My husband and I had been window shopping for a kitty when we came across Winter (formerly Ringo) and Crystal (formerly Star) on the Adopt-A-Pet web site.  We were really only looking for one cat but we found out that he and his sister were deaf and the shelter was hoping they would be placed together, so we applied to adopt one or both.
They came from a mean breeder somewhere in Genesee County and once she realized that Winter & Crystal were deaf she was going to drown them due to the “defect”.  Luckily Adopt-A-Pet in Fenton intervened and they were rescued.  After that they were adopted out to a couple in the area but for some reason were then returned to Adopt-A-Pet.  These poor kitties couldn’t catch a break!
I remember the day we met them.  We went in the kitty room and Crystal jumped up on my husband’s lap and proceeded to adopt HIM.  Then Winter got on my lap and laid on his side and let me pet his super soft hair….the softest I have ever felt!  Crystal was the type of cat that was a no-brainer to adopt so she was leaving for sure.  Winter was also very sweet but we struggled with did we need to adopt a second cat.  Who were we kidding…Winter was such a LOVER!  After spending a little time with them we knew they were both coming home!
Winter has turned out to be a mamma’s boy and comes to me constantly for love and snuggles.  He likes to get his beauty sleep and groom his lovely coat, but also likes to zoom through the house and chase the girls.  He also loves to sneak up on his sister Crystal and jump on her…the fun of having a deaf sister!
His nick-name is Winter the Warlock and he is such a wise soul even though he is young. can just see it in his eyes.  He will constantly meow if he wants food or attention and he likes to “bite” your hand or arm if you aren’t paying enough attention to you.  His bite is gentle but he will hang on to you until he gets your FULL attention!  He loves canned food but if he doesn’t like what he is served will try to bury it….then we have to move to Fancy Feast.  He doesn’t play with toys too much but he loves to use his scratching post and zoom up the cat trees in the house. 

What a wonderful decision it was to adopt both of them…they have been a delightful addition to our family and even after several years they still hang out together, play with each other and snuggle.  They were destined to be together and we are so happy that we could make it happen!

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